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33kv Standard Overhead line hardware--CROSSARM

33kv Standard Overhead line hardware--CROSSARM
  • FOB Price: US $ 0.85-2.33 / Set
  • Min Order: 1000 Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100,000 Units per week
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, according your requirment
  • Brand Name: TUOFA
  • Shipment: 5-7days
  • Model Number: Thimble
  • Package: hessian bags or carton


33kv Standard Overhead line hardware--CROSSARM
Malleable cast Iron line hardware
70KN Min load line hardware

 33kv Standard Overhead line accessory--CROSSARM

Material ----Malleable cast Iron
Minimum Fail load---70KN Min load
ISO 1461   







 33kv/11KV Overhead line hardware--CROSSARM 


 Dimensions of the overhead line hardware:

The dimensions on the drawings are the final dimensions after the hot dip galvanization. The design of the fittings is indicative; however the mentioned dimensions on the drawings are the critical ones.

GALVANIZATION of the overhead line hardwar

The fittings shall be delivered hot dip galvanized according to the following specifications:The Zinc that shall be used shall have the quality of minimum category prime western according to  the category Zn 98.5 according to ISO-1461.Then washed out with water and then flux treated and dried out.The hot dip galvanization shall be made in a Zinc bath of temperature 450°C and of Zn-composition min. 98,5%.The galvanization thickness shall be in average 86μm thick! On an isolated piece or on a small part of the surface the thickness can be a little lower, however on all pieces and on all surfaces the minimum thickness shall be 78μm and the average weight in relation to the galvanized area shall be 610 gr/m2.The pieces shall be after HDG free from black stains, enclosures of dirt, knobs, bubbles or any other surface defects. The HDG shall be smooth and uniform in the entire piece without any spots with too small or too big galvanization thickness otherwise the pieces will be rejected.The galvanization shall stick very well on the steel structure; it shall not be removed as a film but shall be as one with the steel body

Testing of the overhead line hardware:

The fittings shall be fixed in a mechanical testing device as similar as possible with the assembly later during use


All materials shall be packed in wooden / bags cases of maximum weight of every wooden box 25 kg. The wooden cases shall be suitable for the transport of the pieces without damaging the galvanization, and shall allow air to circulate and the used wood shall be completely dry in order to avoid any corrosion of the fittings.


Contect: Kelly Hao

HeBei TuoFa Telecommunication And Electric Equipment Manufacturing CO.,LTD

Hebeipu industry area, Yongnian town,
Han dan city, HeBei province, China
Mobile: 86-18732733098



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12 20
Wire rope safty factor load capacity 5 5 5 5
Max traveling load 1200 2400 4000 8000


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